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Liverpool Street Scenes (1901)

Traffic and pedestrians - including an early motor car - in Edwardian Liverpool.

Non-Fiction 1901 4 mins Silent


Seen from the city's 'Holy Corner', Liverpool is a hive of people and traffic: in the early 1900s much trade was conducted on the streets. Liverpool had become a wealthy city, and the shop fronts are filled with items for sale. Unusually, we see a motor car, a potent symbol of prosperity. One of the passengers may be Sagar Mitchell - half of filmmaking duo Mitchell and Kenyon.

Two rolls of film were used to make up this one film and it would have proved of great interest to local people, many of whom will have paid between sixpence and a hefty two shillings in the hope of catching a glimpse of themselves on screen. The film would also have been seen as great advertising for the vehicle and its seller, and for all the shops featured.