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Little Pippin

An abandoned baby girl is found in an apple barrel and adopted by a humble grocer in this sentimental wartime fiction.

Drama 1915 14 mins Silent


This sentimental wartime drama is missing its first reel, in which, we gather, an abandoned love child is left in an apple barrel and taken in by a kindly grocer. We join the action four years later when the much- loved girl is seen playing happily in the grocer's humble kitchen. But when the child's dying mother confesses her secret, what will become of Little Pippin?

Before the rise of the feature film, dramas would generally be one or two reels in length, running to roughly 25 or 30 minutes. By the teens the 'two-reeler' drama had become a very popular format and a flexible addition to the mixed cinema programme, which consisted of newsreels, factual films and other short subjects.