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Link with Shakespeare

Have you ever wondered what goes into the manufacture of a bicycle chain? A Coventry company attempts to boost interest by linking to their most famous regional landmarks.

Promotional 1950 7 mins

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Renold and Coventry Chain Ltd manage to make a simple industrial film promoting their range of bicycle chains quite charming by 'linking' to their most famous local tourist attractions in Shakespeare's Stratford. Pedalling effortlessly along traffic free roads the cyclists of the film enjoy the outdoor lifestyle thanks to their Renold chains, whose faultless quality is typified by a sequence showing every link being hand checked for defects prior to despatch.

The firm was formed by the merger of Renold Ltd and the Coventry Chain Company in 1930. The Coventry factory seen in this film closed in 1980, although as Renold plc the company continues to have worldwide operations.