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Liberty Foundations Commercial

Liberté, égalité and fraternité in corsets, girdles and bras.

Advert 1956 2 mins

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In 1956 the Market Harborough firm of R. & W.H. Symington was celebrating a centenary of manufacturing textiles. Best known under the brand name of Liberty Foundations, this early television commercial plays with 'Liberty' and 'Liberté' by bringing in French actress Yvonne Arnaud to explain the 'art of choosing the right type of foundation garment'. A wonderful feeling of freedom sounds an unlikely boast though whilst tied into a tight corset.

Yvonne Arnaud (1892-1958) was born in Paris but had worked in Britain since before the First World War. She lived in Guildford for many years and there is a theatre in the town named in her honour.