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Leisure Time Groups

The good folks of Woolwich & Plumstead appear busiest at their leisure, even finding time to put this film together

Amateur film 1962 16 mins Silent


Some folks seem busiest at their leisure. Music, amateur dramatics, learning a new language, and even amateur filmmaking all fill the void between work and sleep for the busy minded. Split between the Woolwich & Plumstead Institute and the Borough Hall in Greenwich, a whole host of activities are ably captured by these amateur cineastes.

The Woolwich & Plumstead Institute was one of a number of Literary Institutes set up by London County Council in 1919 to encourage adult learning, of which City Lit is the sole survivor. The RACS logo suggests that the film was supported by the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society, which gave 2.5% of its profits towards further education for its employees.