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Launch of the MV Innesmoor

Explore the gleaming new interiors of the Tyne-built cargo ship Innesmoor.

Amateur film 1954 16 mins Silent

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The world class firm of Hawthorne Leslie celebrates another successful launch from its Hebburn shipyards as the cargo ship Innesmoor slides into the Tyne. The Hebburn Quay was affectionately known as ‘Little Aberdeen’ since the firm’s Shetland-born founder, Andrew Leslie, recruited many of his workers from North East Scotland. After the fitting-out, crew accommodation, deck and boiler equipment are recorded admiringly, before the ship embarks upon her sea trials.

This film was produced by talented filmmakers at one of the oldest cine clubs in Britain, Newcastle and District Amateur Cinematographers Association, which was founded by James Cameron in 1927 and still operates in the city today.