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Large Freighter is being Built at Appledore Shipyard

The industry where the waves meet the shore

News 1978 1 mins Silent

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Appledore shipbuilders was founded in 1855 on the banks of the River Torridge. Originally run by Philip Kelly Harris as PK Harris and Sons until 1963. In 1964 Court Line built the Greenfield Yard which opened in 1970 but by 1974 Court Line had collapsed and Appledore Shipbuilders was subsumed into the British Shipbuilders Consortium on a national scale.

The company has built over 350 vessels including military craft, superyachts, ferries and oil tankers. Appledore was eventually sold to North East Shipbuilders Ltd in 1989 and all yards were under a combined name of A&P Appledore International. Appledore Shipyard is now run by Babcock Marine. Babcock International Group Marine Division Appledore works closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Royal Navy.