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Ladybird' Children's Clothing Company Closure

Ladybird is best, the 20th century's leading children’s brand

News 1980 1 mins

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This film shows work at the ‘Ladybird’ factory based in Plymouth which is soon to close adding to the thousand or so job losses to the South West’s textile industry. Ladybird’s founder, Johannes George Pasold established a knitting and weaving company in Czechoslovakia, producing children’s clothing for the post-war baby boom. Brought to the UK in 1938 by Eric Pasold, the company was aided by a large purchase order from Woolworth’s with whom the brand became synonymous.

The Pasold garments were originally under the brand name ‘White Bear’ the logo similar to that of Glacier Mints, only the UK initially had the Ladybird icon. The Ladybird brand became the most iconic brand of the 20th Century. It bridged the gap between stylish and practical with an attention to sizing never before seen and wartime drab clothes became a thing of the past. Ladybird are credited with the invention of the T-shirt. During the 1980s Woolworths helped to shape the brand into the most affordable high quality children’s clothing brand on the high street, however with Woolworth’s demise in 2009, Ladybird is now part of the UK’s largest online home shopping business ‘Shop Direct’.