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An intimate portrait of domestic life in 50s Roker featuring family, football and cricket.

Home movie 1958 9 mins Silent

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Vera and Maureen Torbet are the stars of this home movie produced by their brother Ronald as they play up to the camera at the family home in Bright Street, Roker. Not to be left out, brothers James and Ernest also appear, along with ‘ma’ and ‘dad’ who do their best to stay out of the way. These rare domestic scenes of everyday family life offer a unique opportunity for the viewer to experience the intimacies of one family during the 1950s.

Amateur filmmaker Ronald Torbet lived in Roker, Sunderland, attended Bede Grammar School for Boys, and was a draughtsman engineer all his life, working for A. Reyrolle & Company, a Tyneside engineering firm based in Hebburn. As a Scout Master for the Bedan Senior Scout Group, then based at the Bede Grammar School in Sunderland, he also filmed many of the group’s trips to Northumberland and North Yorkshire camps from the late 1950s through to the 60s.