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It All Goes to Show

Arthur Lowe is hilarious as a hen-pecked husband in this cheeky seaside-set comedy, shot in Margate.

Comedy 1970 27 mins


Dad’s Army star Arthur Lowe is in great form as hen-pecked Margate town councillor Henry Parker in this comedy short. Attempting to update an annual seaside show, he enlists the help of his old army buddy, impresario Mike Sago, perkily played by Bill Maynard. But scantily clad showgirls and saucy seaside humour don't find much favour with Margate’s guardians of moral decency - especially Henry’s councillor wife.

Henry’s prudish wife is brilliantly played by the underrated Sheila Keith - who courted much controversy herself with less-liberal members of society by appearing in the dynamic but disreputable ‘terror’ pictures of director Pete Walker, notably playing a power-drill wielding cannibal in the 1974 classic Frightmare.