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Inside Fascist Spain

A scathing indictment of fascism in wartime Spain, utilising exclusive footage shot by March of Time cameramen.

Documentary 1943 18 mins


The US conciliatory policy to Spain in 1943 provides the context for March of Time's disparaging critique of past foreign policy relating to the Spanish Civil War and life under the current fascist regime. The incompetence of post-war reconstruction is highlighted together with the ‘reforming’ measures implemented in the model political prisons housing half a million Republican prisoners.

March of Time cameras were welcomed into Spain in early 1943 in the mistaken belief that the resulting film would provide good propaganda. After the release of this issue, which at the outset highlights censorship by the Fascist government, Franco ensured they were never allowed back for the remaining lifetime of the series. Both the participating journalists were well regarded experts of recent Spanish history while the books cited have now become important primary sources.