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Ingot Pictorial No. 6

This Ingot Pictorial – a quarterly review of life inside and outside RTB steelworks – brings back memories of summer events (carnival, tennis, singing cousins) in December.

1950 21 mins

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Jerry cans and reparations, a swimming gala and singing cousins, this ‘Ingot Pictorial’ has it all. These quarterly screen reviews, produced by Richard Thomas and Baldwins steel company, contained ‘stories’ about developments in the industry or demonstrations of processes (e.g. the making of jerry cans) and also ‘stories’ about RTB-supported sporting and social events. They were designed to be of interest not just to employees but also their families/friends.

Panteg house, Griffithstown, Pontypool – scene of the carnival - was once the home of the manager of the Panteg Steelworks and known as ‘Belvedere’ but it was passed to the Panteg Employees Club and Recreational Institute in 1920, having been used as a military hospital during WWI. Howard Marshall, seen here speaking at the carnival and having a go at outdoor skittles, was director of RTB’s personnel and public relations department and he often acted as commentator on Ingot Pictorial stories. He believed that the reviews would encourage employees to feel a sense of belonging and pride in the company.