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Ingot Pictorial No. 25

Only connect: a little Welsh Lady doll, a steel rocking horse, burning Schnapps and the “Limestone Special”.

1956 21 mins

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In this edition of Richard Thomas & Baldwin’s Ingot Pictorial, a quarterly review of life inside and outside the steel industry, everyone is looking to the future, which is bright with metal. Steel rocking horses open wallets each Christmas, and scrapped cars can be transformed into eagerly sought white goods. Germany, now a friend and exchange partner, is looking to develop its steel industry, and Ystrad Limestone Quarry’s future relies on the success of RTB in Ebbw Vale.

Howard Marshall, in his role as director of personnel and public relations at RTB, was the main commentator on the Ingot Pictorials but fellow employees were also used to narrate particular stories as were public figures, the latter’s association indicating the importance of the industry to the world at large. Here, the well-known voices of Alvar Lidell (a BBC radio newsreader), Geoffrey Sumner (an actor, and a commentator for British Movietone News) and Wynford Vaughan Thomas (BBC radio and television broadcaster) accompany the images.