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Ice Cream Man

Gloucester's only tricycle ice cream seller runs rings around Chris Tarrant.

News 1974 5 mins

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Gordon 'Charlie' Knipe is the sort of character that television loves. He's opinionated and awkward and performs his role of the cantankerous ice cream seller of Gloucester on demand - making a tough job for ATV's film editor who had to cut bleeps into the soundtrack to cover his less than teatime-friendly language. Chris Tarrant has to (literally) run to keep up with his tricycle as Charlie goes out on his rounds once more. Stop him and buy one? Probably not to be honest.

Wall's had introduced a fleet of tricycles to sell its products on the streets of Britain in 1923. It is likely that the one ridden here by Mr Knipe was the last one of an original fleet that once numbered 10,000.