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Historic Chester

Step inside the great city walls of Chester and embark on a tour of olde-worlde charm.

Travelogue 1921 14 mins Silent


Embark on a cinematic tour of the historic city of Chester. These beautifully composed panning shots take in such noted landmarks as Phoenix Tower, God's Providence House and the famous galleried Rows, still preserved today. Light, palatable and educational, travelogues proved a popular addition to commercial cinema programmes in the 1920s and would continue to supplement features until the 70s.

Later the travelogue genre would become absorbed by television series such as Whicker's World (1959-1988). Historic Chester was made by the Ideal Film Company, better known as a prolific producer and distributor of feature films, particularly literary adaptations. This is one of a spate of travelogues released by Ideal in the early 1920s, see also: In Old St Albans (1920); The Pageant of Winchester (1920); A Day in London (1920); St. Andrew's Wells (1920) and Leeds (1920).