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Chester Zoo, Ceredigion Church and Chapel, and Carno

Chester Zoo – built for the conservation of animals - and churches and chapels in Ceredigion and Powys that are preserved for posterity.

Home movie 1965 7 mins Silent

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Chester Zoo – a conservation charity and a zoo without bars – exists to help preserve the world's animal heritage. The Davies family from Aberaeron film its sea lions, bears, elephants and giraffes. There are then shots of the human, built heritage – St Non's Church, Llanerchaeron, the only domed church in Wales; Soar y Mynydd chapel situated in an isolated position in hills beyond Tregaron, and the Church of St John the Baptist – and houses - in Carno.

Soar y Mynydd chapel – one of the most remote chapels in Wales - was caused to be built in 1822 by, amongst others, Tregaron minister Ebenezer Richard, father of Henry Richard (1812-88), the minister and MP (Merthyr Tydfil) known as “the Apostle of Peace". St Non's Church, Llanerchaeron, a medieval building, is believed to have been re-designed by architect John Nash for William Lewis of Llanerchaeron, the mansion near Aberaeron designed by Nash and completed in 1795. Nash went on to work for the Prince Regent on the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and Buckingham Palace in London for George VI. St. John the Baptist Church, Carno, built in 1867, was designed by Poundley (from Montgomery) and Walker (Birkenhead).