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Hints and Tips No. 5

You don't have to be rich to be a glamour-puss, as this 1940s advice for housewives proves

Documentary 1945 16 mins Silent


Forget L'Oreal - a couple of cold, damp teabags and a lipstick doubling up as rouge can do a great job, as proved by the beautiful model in this episode of Hints and Tips, which unusually heads to the boudoir rather than the kitchen and parlour. Other money-saving brainwaves include a cheap recipe for fake marzipan and a weird idea for a plate decoration that, against all odds, works marvellously.

The focus on cosmetics is rare in the Hints and Tips series, which usually concentrates on advice on cooking, cleaning, needlework and other, humbler pursuits for the 1940s housewife on a budget.