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Hints and Tips No. 3

No money? No problem! Fancy handbags and luxurious baths lie at the 1940s housewife's fingertips

1945 18 mins Silent


The trend for shows based around baking and needlework is nothing new, as the Hints and Tips series proves. In this edition, the emphasis is on pampering, with a surprisingly chic handbag on offer for the crafty viewer and a recipe for herbal bath bags. Less useful is the potentially dangerous health treatment inflicted on the long-suffering family dog - do not try this at home.

The cost of WWII weighed heavily on Britain, and the guidance offered in the Hints and Tips series aimed to help housewives coping with austerity measures. Husband and wife team Jean and Ronald Haines are credited as director and editor respectively. They continued to make films together, often as co-directors, until the end of the 1950s.