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Hints and Tips No. 2

Handy hacks for 1940s domestic goddesses, including outlandish tips for keeping flowers fresh and treats for 'Mr. Puss'

1945 16 mins Silent


It's easy to mock the not-so-simple tips offered in this 1940s cinemagazine - the flowers that emerge after an arduous preservation method look rather wilted - but the genuine creativity on display and the gentle, silly humour is hard to resist. And with the exception of the uncomfortable inclusion of a 'golliwog', the plush cuddly toys made at the start are utterly charming.

The majority of the tips offered focus on saving the pennies, a pressing concern in 1940s austerity Britain. By the end of the 1940s only 2% of British households had freezers, and much of the advice in the series focuses on making food last as long as possible.