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Hints and Tips No. 1

Thrifty housewives rejoice! These how-tos, ranging from the handy to the slightly mad, will steer you right

Documentary 1945 17 mins Silent


This is the first in a series of fun and informative films aimed at helping housewives save the pennies during 1940s austerity. Some of the advice is impractically laborious, such as the recipe for washing soap. Some is downright daft - not many housewives would have a clean oyster shell lying about to help descale their kettle.

However, during a period of tightened belts and scant supplies, without the benefit of today's advanced cleaning materials, these films feature plenty of tips that would have spoken to money-strapped families in the audience. This edition names Ronald Haines as director, but future instalments credited his wife, Jean, as the sole creator - possibly to add a 'woman's touch' to appeal to the likely audience.