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Heroes of Neuve Chapelle

Casualties from the Battle of Neuve Chapelle enjoy their recuperation in Kent.

Non-Fiction 1915 1 mins Silent



Casualties from the Western Front enjoy their recuperation at Shorncliffe Army Camp, near Folkestone, Kent. The wounded soldiers josh with the nurses and put on a brave smile for the camera. The Battle of Neuve Chapelle took place from 10-13 March 1915 in the Artois region of NE France, and was the British army's first large scale attack of World War I. There were many casualties.

The Allied troops had initial success at Neuve Chapelle, breaking through German lines but proving unable to sustain their gains. In the end both Allies and Germans suffered thousands of losses. The Military Hospital in this film is at Shorncliffe Army Camp near Folkestone, Kent, which was used as a training camp and staging post for troops on their way to the battlefield and became known as the "Gateway to the Western Front." There were also several hospitals at the camp for casualties of war.