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Grazing Nuts

The Earl of Devon opens Grazing new animal feed mill in Totnes

News 1962 1 mins Silent

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The 17th Earl of Devon, Charles Courtenay opens a new animal feed mill in Totnes. The co-operative venture is providing animal feedstuffs for grazing herds. This film shows the new plant in operation. Since the 1960s grain use for animal feed has grown especially in the more intensively farmed developed countries but demand is on the increase in the developing world. Meat production globally has tripled since the 1960s and world demand for dairy produce is still rising.

The title of the Earl of Devon belonged to the de Redvers (pronounced Reevers) family after the Norman Conquest of 1066. In the 19th century it was successfully claimed by the Courtenay family of Powderham Castle.