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G.P. As Basil the Brainless

The comic capers of upper-class wastrel Basil the Brainless - thrown out by his father and sent to the country, where he tries to get a job on a poultry farm...

Comedy 1915 30 mins Silent


This brainless rural comedy follows the wastrel son of a Lord who, having come home drunk once too often, is turned out of his luxurious London home and sent to the country to find useful employment. Trying for a job on a poultry farm involves some comic business impersonating a yokel. While the comedy itself is rather bland, the film contains some lovely scenes of British rural life.

G.P. Huntley was an Irish stage actor who performed in London and New York in various light comedy roles, particularly specialising in 'brainless' upper class characters. In 1915 he formed a short-lived production company, G P Films, to exploit his stage personas - this is one of two surviving productions.