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Governor's Durbar, Bihar and Orissa

Official duties and big game hunting in 1920s India, filmed by Lord Stephenson’s private secretary

Non-Fiction 1929 18 mins Silent


This film was shot in late-1920s India by Brigadier E. J. Montgomery, private secretary to Lord Stephenson - then Governor of Bihar and Orissa. Most of the animals in the film are of the recently-shot variety, though a bear cub and a fawn do appear very much alive. When Lord Stephenson wasn’t shooting big game he was at the Governor’s Durbar, a military parade featuring the Royal Scots Fusiliers, and visiting a textile factory. There’s a sequence featuring the Jagannath Temple at Puri and scenes of the trip ‘home’ from Apollo Bund in Bombay (Mumbai) via Aden and Suez.