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English Victory at Wimbledon

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English Victory at Wimbledon

Action from the 1926 Wimbledon Ladies' Singles final between Kitty Godfree and Lilí de Álvarez.

Non-Fiction 1926 2 mins


This short newsreel features action from the 1926 Ladies' Singles Final at Wimbledon between Kathleen 'Kitty' McKane Godfree versus Lilí de Álvarez - both of whom were ranked in the top ten in the 1920s. This item features a mix of shots of serves and returns, with much of the play on the baseline - and of course, the traditional images of spectators' heads turning from side to side. Godfree recovered from a poor start in the third set to win.

The Wimbledon Singles Final held mixed blessings for both players: Godfree had won in her previous final in 1924, while de Álvarez would reach the final in 1927 and 1928...and lose both!