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Glengarry Topical Film No. 18

Take to the skies or take to the water: a variety of popular North West events from 1934.

Amateur film 1934 17 mins Silent

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Popular North West events from 1934 feature here. Stockport Ladies' baths reopens, with young swimmers keen to display their skills. Local people turn out for the Alderley Edge carnival parade, and huge crowds flock to see Sir Alan Cobham's Air Pageant at Woodford Aerodrome. Finally, we leave Cheshire for a trip to New Brighton, where again the crowds turn out, for fun in the new pool.

The filmmakers Sidney and Harold Preston, identical twin brothers from Stockport, were skilled amateurs who began filming in the North West in the 1920s. This footage was then edited into topical film newsreels, named after Glengarry - the family house in Bramhall, where they had a small news theatre and screened the films to raise money for local charities. The preservation of this film was funded by a grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund.