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Gaumont Graphic No. 440

A brave young soldier receives the Victoria Cross - just one stirring newsreel story on this complete WWI-era edition of Gaumont Graphic.

Non-Fiction 1915 5 mins Silent


The seven items that make up this newsreel encapsulate the sense of urgency and stirring patriotism that permeated Britain in 1915. The first item showing the presentation of the Victoria Cross to a young soldier in Mansfield is particularly striking; note the force with which the soldiers hold back the ebullient crowds to pave the way for the convoy of local dignitaries.

Wilfred Dolby Fuller of Mansfield was awarded the Victoria Cross for single-handedly capturing 50 Germans in the trenches. 1915 saw the launch of a massive recruitment campaign across the capital and classical soloist Carrie Langley, beautifully captured in the fourth item, lent her talent to the cause with a rendition of 'Your King and Country Need You' in front of the Mansion House recruitment office. Look out for the Mappin and Webb department store on Regent Street - still the company’s flagship store.