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Gaumont Graphic No. 433

Glory, injury, protest and death: aspects of war captured in a complete edition of the Gaumont Graphic newsreel.

Non-Fiction 1915 4 mins Silent


This complete WWI-era edition of the Gaumont Graphic newsreel ranges from Cricklewood Horse Hospital to a floating hospital on the Seine; farming a former battleground to Swiss troops showing off their preparedness for combat. Plus: trench building, military inspections and a political demonstration. The breadth of news covered in these stories creates a rollercoaster of emotions.

Gaumont Graphic newsreels were exhibited as part of larger cinema programmes from 1910 to 1932, when Gaumont Sound News was launched (superseded by Gaumont British News in 1934). Gaumont typically had seven varied stories - both national and international - in one edition. In 1915 Alexander Victor became editor of the newsreel but was replaced the following year by Louis Behr, who remained in post until it ceased publication in 1934.