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Gala Day 1974

Keighley’s annual charity gala features weird and wonderful floats depicting icons from all eras including the Brontës and the Wombles.

Amateur film 1974 9 mins

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This charming short film showcases young and old uniting in Keighley to watch, or participate in, the town’s annual charity gala. The camera watches from the crowd as brass bands and quaint handmade floats are slowly driven through the streets throughout. There are recognisable figures for all to recognise including the Brontë sister, pop singers, and the Wombles.

The Keighley Gala has a proud tradition that stretches back well over one hundred years. The gala raises money for charity and relies on local volunteers for support. Annual charity galas remain popular and common in many towns and villages in the United Kingdom, containing differing local quirks and pleasant eccentricities.