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Exeter City v Bristol Rovers

St. James’ Park Derby : Exeter City v Bristol Rovers

Sport 1980 2 mins

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Westward TV’s sports’ reporter Chris Fear commentates highlights of the Football League Cup’s second leg of the first round match at St. James’ Park between Exeter City FC and Bristol Rovers FC played on 12 August 1980. The final score is 1-1. An own goal by Roy Ireland put Bristol ahead but Tony Kellow then equalised for Exeter. “Lovely free kick, well-planned and almost perfectly executed,” says Fear after further shots at goal.

Exeter City or the Grecians play at St. James’ Park and have done since their inception in 1904. Bristol Rovers’ Football Club is based at Memorial Stadium in Horfield and was founded in 1883 becoming the Bristol Rovers in 1899. The club has two nicknames ‘The Pirates’ as is reflected by the city’s maritime history and ‘The Gas’ due to the gasworks located next door to the old 1897-1986 Eastville Stadium. ‘The Gas’ started as a derogatory term used against them by their rivals Bristol City FC because of the smell of gas from Stapleton Gas Works when playing at Eastville Stadium but was taken on by the Rovers’ fans or ‘gasheads’. The Eastville site is now Ikea in Bristol.