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Ex-mine Sweepers Strike against Former Foes

A deftly-shot newsreel documenting the hostilities between British and German fishermen at the height of their rivalry.

Non-Fiction 1923 1 mins Silent


These Aberdeen fishermen's smiles to camera belie their underlying anger at the arrival of German trawlers, laden with their Icelandic catch. In the early 20s violence frequently erupted between the Scots and their German rivals, who threatened their livelihoods. A contemporary newspaper report described how the Aberdonians "let loose a barrage of stones" on their foreign foe and prevented porters from taking their catch to market. Topical Budget clearly couldn't resist alluding to wartime hostilities, still firmly engrained on the public consciousness.

These evocative shots of Aberdeen's harbour are the work of cinematographer, John 'Bunny' Hutchins, who was a stalwart of the early newsreel. As well as Topical Budget, he worked for Williamson's Animated News, Eclair Journal, British Screen News, Universal Talking News and British Movietone.