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Election Coverage - Norwich South

With the General Election only days away both Conservative and Labour candidates face local news cameras. In 1964, top of the national agenda is the 'Independent Deterrent'.

News 1964 6 mins

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After 9 years as Conservative MP for Norwich South, Government Minister of Public Works and Buildings, the Right Hon. Geoffrey Rippon faces stiff competition from statistician and former member of the Coal Board, Christopher Norwood. But Mr Norwood explains, "there aren't many burning issues in Norwich"

Whilst canvassing opinion from the 2 front runners, this news item gives a good insight into the Norwich of 1964 showing the thriving businesses of Norwich Union and Colman's and the new housing estates developed on the outskirts of the city. The national and Norwich South result? - it followed the national trend and Labour toppled the Tories in a bid for a 'New Britain' putting an end to their 13 year run at the helm.