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Easter Time in Hastings

Join David and Vincent at Easter in this charming film from 1952. We'll go on an excursion to Pett Level to see frolicking lambs, have a picnic and a walk along the cliffs.

Amateur film 1952 32 mins Silent

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David and Vincent play once again on the streets of Hastings, riding their scooters to the pier and around the town. They also enjoy an Easter outing to Pett Level where they see gambolling spring lambs, have a picnic with their parents and walk along cliffs and country lanes. Look out for the sea defences left over from the war. Back in Hastings, Harry tries to start his motorbike by going downhill and there's a final car ride through Hastings' traffic to the open country.

Ray Young, who made 'Our Movie Album, was an independent amateur filmmaker. He was also an active member of the Eastbourne Cine Group. His films often feature local events in East Sussex including agricultural shows, local craftsmen at work, local lidos and numerous family events. As can be seen in this film, he also filmed further afield, visiting places like London, Windsor, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. This film features an excursion to Pett Level and to Pevensey along roads hardly touched by other motor traffic.