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Easter Holiday Troubles

Great Yarmouth, Cleethorpes, Skegness and Clacton all feature sunbathing, donkey rides, bank holiday traffic queues and rowdy youths.

Non-Fiction 1968 3 mins Silent

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Aerial shots of the traffic queue into Great Yarmouth illustrate the popularity of the seaside resort over the Easter weekend in this news report from Anglia Television. On South Beach, youths are frisked by policemen, while dog handlers keep the gangs moving past Wellington Pier before we take to the air once again for a seagull’s view of the pleasure beach. It’s quieter at Cleethorpes where there are donkey rides on the beach, but heavy traffic converges on Skegness.

The 201-metre Wellington Pier in Great Yarmouth was originally built from wood in 1853, and was successful until Britannia Pier arrived five years later and just a few minutes’ stroll along the promenade. Wellington Pier was once leased by comedian, Jim Davidson and is now a bowling alley, amusement arcade and bar. Clacton-on-Sea is a seaside resort and the largest town in the Tendring peninsula of Essex. Clacton also offers a pier for the hordes of day-trippers, as well as golf courses, beaches and an annual Clacton Carnival on the second Saturday in August. The yacht station featured at the end of the report is possibly in Yarmouth, but is similar to many in the Norfolk Broads area.