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Dusty No. 16 : Dusty Says Keep Britain Tidy

Nothing beats a relaxing picnic on the beach – but beware Dusty the kangaroo

Public Information Filler 1978


A sun worshipping young family enjoy a picnic on the beach – until they are pounced upon by Dusty the kangaroo. Dusty puts a stop to their litter-strewing ways by transforming them into pigs and swirling their rubbish into her pouch. Let that be a lesson to you!

This is one of a series of 17 public information films featuring the animated character Dusty the kangaroo. They were made in the late 1970s for the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, an independent campaigning group established in 1954, following a campaign by the Women's Institute. Short 'fillers' - informational films which padded out cinema programmes - such as these were credited with changing attitudes towards littering. They were even helped by celebrities of the day - from Marc Bolan to Morecambe and Wise - supporting the cause.