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Dover Docks & Ashford Station.

Enjoy a look at Dover Docks in the years before the arrival of the Channel Tunnel along with a station stop at Ashford, in this short film from Alan Stingemore.

Amateur film 1983 2 mins Silent

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The film begins high up on the Langdon Cliffs overlooking a very busy Dover Docks as continental traffic assembles below waiting to board their ferries. Containers are parked at a huge open waiting area while coaches and cars use a fly-over to access the ferries. We then relocate to Ashford Station just as a train is arriving. A single locomotive in British Rail 'blue period' livery also passes through the station.

Between the 1950s and 1990s Alan Stingemore made a considerable number of films covering a wide variety of subjects with an emphasis on railways and cinemas in particular. His films often capture memorable moments as well as last 'glimpses' of subjects that were about to disappear forever.