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Controversial true story about a First World War nurse who risked her life to save others.

Biopic 1928 96 mins Silent


Dame Sybil Thorndyke stars as nurse Edith Cavell in this controversial telling of her true story. Working as a nurse in German-occupied Belgium during WWI, Cavell helps a deserter to escape. She realizes that many soldiers need her help to flee and proceeds to assist them, despite grave risk to herself. Thorndyke delivers a terrific performance as the Norwich-born nurse who became one of the Great War's most controversial martyrs, alongside a cast including Madame Bodart, one of the women who actually assisted Cavell in Belgium in 1915.

Refused a certificate when originally submitted to the British censor, Dawn was eventually released in 1929. It was remade by the director 10 years later as the Oscar-nominated Nurse Edith Cavell, starring Anna Neagle.