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Dalriada and Harbour Rail Tours

Swarms of train enthusiasts steal the show as we steam round Northern Ireland.

Amateur film 1967 11 mins Silent

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Clamber aboard this steam tour double bill by amateur film maker A. H. Martin. Share in his passion, hanging out the windows of moving trains or relishing the details of the steam locomotives. After your tour of the harbour hop aboard the 186 which starred alongside Sean Connery in ‘The First Great Train Robbery’. Enjoy watching swarms of train enthusiasts jostle for position each capturing their own version of events. The field of caravans announces our final destination.

The meeting between Connery and the 186 train was as dramatic as the script. During filming the crew misjudged the train’s speed, combined with blinding smoke causing him to slip and nearly tumble off the moving carriages. The BFI player features several of A.H. Martin’s personal films which capture the lost gems of public transport in Northern Ireland.