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Cricket at South Bersted II

Bob Burns' charming film captures another day's cricket at his local club - and while the men are at play their wives provide the lunch

Amateur film 1968 5 mins Silent

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It's another day’s play at South Bersted C.C.'s Knockout Tournament in this film from Bob Burns. Players and children mingle at the clubhouse and play begins once the cricketers get on the pitch. While the mums set the table for an open-air lunch, their children practise bowling and batting at the wicket. Thirsty players fill their jugs with beer while a girl brings out a pint to her father on the pitch! We end with the kids enjoying their own lunch with lashings of salad cream.

Bob Burns’ amateur films feature many happy family occasions like holidays at various locations in the UK and Mallorca, weddings and events like the cricket tournament shown in this film. The collection also includes film of his local pub’s darts club outings to various matches as well as sporting events at South Bersted’s Cricket Club