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Corby Steel Works Closure

Save Steel to Save Corby' the banners call. This has become more than a battle to save a steelworks, it's the fight for a whole town's existence.

Non-Fiction 1979 2 mins

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Before the arrival of Stewarts and Lloyds to Corby in the 1930s it was a village with a population of only 1,500 people. By 1979 thousands of mostly Scottish steel workers had moved south and the Corby steel plant, now operated by British Steel, was under threat. 11,000 jobs were at risk and so too the future of Corby. Union convenor Mick Skelton explains to Terry Lloyd that the only action left to take is to raise a banner and call for strike action!

The national steel strike prolonged the demise of Corby steelworks but it finally closed in 1980. Nearly half of the working population of the town were employed by British Steel Corporation.