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Colonial Troops and Cavalry on the March

A dispatch from South Africa? Or an elaborate deception?

1899 2 mins Silent


This parade of mounted Boer warriors feels plausibly South African, but is probably part of the touring 'Savage South Africa' stadium show The Warwick Trading Company made a number of films claiming to be Boer War subjects. But is this really South Africa? And are these really a bunch of professional soldiers? While the film does not necessarily invite close inspection, it is of good enough quality that the true nature of the 'soldiers' is visible.

A companion film to other Warwick Trading Company 'recreations' such as 'Savage Attack and Repulse on a Square of Infantry,' this film is disingenuously listed in the catalogues among more straightforward Boer 'actualities.' Clearly the distinction between true and false has always been open for negotiation.