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Castle Donington Hospital Fete Gala

Parades in Castle Donington long before the village became overshadowed by East Midlands Airport.

Amateur film 1938 12 mins Silent

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This reel, attributed to J.H. Poyser of the Long Eaton Co-operative Society, appears to record two pre-war events. The first is a fete at Castle Donington in aid of the local hospital, which is followed by colour images showing a Co-operative Society parade. Costumed children, many of whom are promoting Co-op products feature prominently. The float for 'International Co-operation - the surest way to peace' gives us pause for thought as European conflict approaches.

J.H. Poyser was an amateur film-maker linked to the Long Eaton Co-operative Society who produced and screened films of local interest from 1934 onwards.