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Canal Cameo

What happens when you combine high food prices with female resourcefulness? Fishing!

Amateur film 1976 10 mins

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Created by ‘the ladies’ of the Pinner Cine Society, this short amateur film playfully mocks gender roles with a story about a group of housewives who take up the ‘male’ sport of angling after being confronted with high prices at the fishmonger’s. Shot largely on location in Harrow, the film documents the old town centre, local shops and a visit to Gayton Library.

The film is testament to the skill of the amateurs. It is thoughtfully narrated in rhyming couplets and features some beautifully shot and well edited canal-side scenes. The gentle voiceover matches the subtle humour as the women arrive at the canal with all but the kitchen sink and fishermen look on dumbfounded as the ladies indulge in more female occupations, such as polishing their nails and crocheting, whilst waiting for the fish to bite. This comedy was made by the Pinner Cine Society; set up in 1951 it is now the Harrow Film Makers.