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Camborne Mining equipment

Drilling for knowledge - Holman mining equipment tested in Camborne quarry

News 1978 3 mins Silent

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New Holman mining equipment is bought for a quarry in Camborne, Cornwall. The Holman Brothers Ltd founded in 1801 by John Holman and for two centuries were based in Camborne and manufactured mining equipment, their drills and compressors are widely used but it was their ‘Cornish Rock Drill’ which was the primary success. There are many quarries and mines in Cornwall and Cornish mining is renowned worldwide.

The Camborne School of Mines or CSM of the University of Exeter was founded in 1888 and has an international reputation for being one of the leading educational facilities regarding mining, mineralogy, geology and renewable energy. As mining declined in Cornwall, England, miners travelled the world including South Africa, America, Canada, Malaysia and Australia teaching others their skills and sharing expertise and so the need for training mining engineers in England continues to grow.