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By Tradition

See the tools in action that helped our farmers win back the soil from the weed and wilderness over generations.

News 1966 14 mins Silent

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Life was harsh as farmers battled with bog and stone working the soil by hand and horse. The spades and swing ploughs featured in this film were much better equipped to tackle the uneven ground on our small farms. Luckily for us this museum takes its artefacts out of their cases and lets you see them in use. With these rushes Ulster Television captures a glimpse of this farming past for a 1966 television audience. What from our lives today will form the folk museum of the future?

As rural ways of life were engulfed by an ever more industrialised North the Ulster Folk Museum was born from a 1958 act of parliament. It continues to create a lively world of artefacts to preserve disappearing traditions for future generations. Visitors can experience the buildings, tools and crafts of the past from the weaver’s loom to the blacksmiths forge. The museum also boasts some unusual relics including the ‘World’s Largest Sausage’ over 5 metres long, created by Seamus McTavish. This material is Courtesy of the UTV Archive.