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Butlins Camp, Textile Mill, Football Match and Garden

The newly-opened Butlin’s holiday camp at Pwllheli attracts the interest of Harold Cox and his cine camera.

Home movie 1947 5 mins Silent

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What links footage of early days at Butlin’s Pwllheli (a holiday camp opened to much local opposition in 1947 with accommodation for 5,000) with shots of weaving at a textile mill (possibly Leri Tweed Mills, Ceredigion), a football match and seaside shots (probably the Dyffryn Ardudwy area) and shots of a garden (likely to be at Four Oaks, Warwickshire)? The answer is Harold Cox, a lover of Wales and owner of a music business in Birmingham.

Harold Cox, the film-maker, and his brother holiday-ed regularly with family and friends in Dyffryn Ardudwy, both having had neighbouring bungalows built there for their eventual retirements. They would use Dyffryn as a base from which to tour north and mid-Wales. Harold lived at ‘The Rowans’ in Jordan Road, Four Oaks, Warwickshire.