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Cowes of Lleyn

All aboard for the Pwllheli Regatta! And members of the town's North Wales Sailing School make every effort to stay afloat in breezy weather.

Amateur film 1960 5 mins Silent

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Regatta-time in Pwllheli on the Ll_n Peninsula, the film-maker humorously likening the event in his home-town to Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight, the largest and one of the longest-running annual regattas in the world. He captures excellent sailing footage, with shots that show how much effort is required by the crews to remain afloat in breezy weather, and the beauty of the vessels with their coloured sails.

On assuming the role of Captain of Pwllheli Golf Club in 1958, William Lloyd Ellis, who owned a shop selling handbags/leather goods in Pwllheli, bought a Super 8mm camera and created films to amuse family and friends. His daughter Fiona appears in this film, wearing a matching blue coat and hat. The film should have a soundtrack as Lloyd Ellis asked local friend, Huw Roberts, to provide commentaries for all his films, to which he also added music. At present, however, the soundtrack is not transferrable.