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Behind closed drawers what other worlds lie? A bureau with tenants from the pleistocene (or plasticine) era offers ‘documentary’ potential.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1978 6 mins

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Life behind closed drawers: a witty animation created by a cat-loving zoology student. The ‘bureaucats’, we are told, originated in the pleistocene (or possibly plasticine) era and are continuing their struggle for survival under the nose of a 20thC man who scorns the very idea of their existence. Brian Anderson, from Somerset, was attending university in Cardiff and had joined Cardiff Amateur Cine Society when he made this award-winning film.

This animation garnered a number of awards, and was overall winner at the Welsh International Amateur Film Festival in 1978, which received entries from across Europe and the USA. Bud Buzynski, a friend and chair of Yeovil Cine Society, provided the fitting music/soundtrack and assisted with lighting. Shot on Super 8mm film, which cost about £9, buying the plasticine brought the total cost of making the film to £10. Brian made a sequel – Bureaucats in Exile (held by The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales) – and went on to become Animation Director of 'Fireman Sam' at Bumper Films, Weston-Super-Mare.