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Brighton and other places of interest

Brighton goes wide in this ambitious film about the town and its many colourful delights - from the Lanes to the Palace Pier. Even the Rainiers drop in to add to the glamour.

Amateur film 1966 19 mins

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This well-made amateur film, made in SuperMidaVision, extols all that Brighton had to offer its visitors during the late 1960s. It includes the Royal Pavilion, street markets, the bustling Lanes, the Palace Pier and glimpses of the now ruined West Pier. We travel along the seafront on the historic Volk's Railway, watch a game of bowls in a beautiful park and end with the Old Crocks Race attended by Prince Rainier of Monaco and his glamorous wife, Grace Kelly.

SuperMidaVision was a pun devised by the filmmaker, John Midderigh, to describe his experiments with various lenses which produce widescreen effects like CinemaScope Anamorphic, which has an aspect ratio of 2.66 to 1. Through these experiments with formats and aspect ratios, John was able to capture both the beauty of the natural Downland landscape around Brighton and its urban environment to the full.