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Boomerang World Record Attempt

My boomerang won't come back - Boomerang Hugo attempts world record in Totnes

News 1977 7 mins

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Westward TV reporter Lawrie Quayle visits Totnes to talk to Hugo Irwin as he attempts to crack the world record for multiple boomerangs in the air at any one time. Irwin later completes the challenge with eleven boomerangs in the air. Watch as he nearly takes out the camera crew.

Traditionally wooden, there are two types of boomerang, returning and non-returning! Returning boomerangs are items of recreation and for sporting activities although widely known to have a wide V shape they come in various shapes and sizes and can have multiple arms. The non-returning boomerangs were and are occasionally still used as weapons, musical instruments or decoys for birds. They are first thought to be used as early as 1798. There are multiple world records held for various manoeuvres including long distance, endurance, juggling and accuracy.